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Dountown Houston Tunnel

Should the light at the end of this tunnel be a green one?

Houston is no stranger to traffic; it is the price we pay for growth. However at times we wonder if the “one size fits all” solutions really evaluate the differences inherent from one city to another. For a city that pushes growth forward both inward and outward, the talk of construction on yet another roadway may make even the most die-hard commuters anti-growth. The folks at TxDOT have their sights on I45 between Downtown Houston \ Highway 59 and the Woodlands as Houston’s next major roadway project. For many the re-design of the I10 corridor left little in the way of transit alternatives, and generated a costly and lengthy process of condemning prime real estate. As it stands now the boiler-plate plan that TxDOT is proposing to implement in Houston calls for doubling the width of I45 by adding shoulders and managed lanes. This will impact homes in Houston and the surrounding real estate in the I45 corridor. One does not have to look far at the amenities in the Heights, Old Six Ward, and the Rice Military to know that home owners in these neighborhoods of Houston are a positive force for change in the Houston Real Estate market.

The questions that remain unanswered are how will this impact Houston Neighborhoods and homeowners? Both neighborhood residents and Houston commuters will encounter closed and converged roadways during the duration of this construction as is typical with projects of these sorts. We had the opportunity to interview one of the individuals spearheading this initiative. The complete story can be found here. I45 Houston Tunnel .

Spotlight on the University of Houston Downtown

For many years the University of Houston Downtown sat in the shadow of the University of Houston's main campus. But as the state of higher education progressed University of Houston Downtown or UHD became an ideal choice for the working adult. With traffic congestion and commute times regularly increasing many working adults are seeking higher learning opportunities that are both convenient and manageable. For more information on UHD check out; University of Houston Downtown

Midtown - Downtown Real Estate Spotlight

This month's Real Estate Spotlight Home is this charming Midtown patio home, a rarity in Houston Inner-Loop Real Estate. This spotlight home is perfect home for the professional seeking a quiet community close to Downtown Houston or the Texas Medical Center.

For more information check out the Houston Townhome page.

Angelika Film Center

The Angelika Film Center remains one of greatest gems in Downtown Houston. Conveniently located in Bayou City Center on Smith Street it is within walking distance from businesses in the Houston Skyline District and Downtown Houston hotels. Ample and well lit parking is available in the Downtown Houston Theater District parking garage system. Valet parking is also available. The added bonus for patrons of Angelika Film Center is more on the Angelika Film Center

Living in Downtown Houston

In Houston's Downtown district we have witnessed the rebirth of many commercial and historical buildings into residential lofts and apartments. In the Downtown Houston real estate market there are now no less than 10 loft projects that converted existing historical buildings. In addition to these conversions there are several luxury condominium and residential buildings. A good place to start your search for the perfect downtown home is the Houston Lofts Directory.

Downtown Houston Macy's is ideal for Christmas shopping

It's late in December and time is ticking for those whose Holiday shopping isn't complete! The best kept secret in Houston for those last minute shoppers is Macy's Downtown Houston. Conveniently located at 1110 Main Street, Macy's Downtown is easy to get to and right off the Main Street Metro rail stop. more on Macy's Downtown Houston

Why sprawl is essential for the survival of a city.

Houston typifies what experts point to as the future of business. We have options in residence, place of business, entrances, exits, modes of transportation, and so forth. We are a decentralized city that is focused on achieving the future not hanging on to the past. Just as the Internet served as an example of a de-centralized information continuance, the Houston sprawling metroplex represents the habitat, livelihood, and business continuance of our businesses and residences. more on Houston sprawl

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