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In Houston the Downtown District is comprised of several areas that represent the majority of businesses, buildings, and services that that the downtown district offers.

For instance Houston's Downtown Skyline District referrers to the cluster of Houston Skyscrapers that make up the majority of the Skyline downtown district.

The shopping area of Downtown Houston is obviously referred to as the Houston’s Downtown Shopping District in that it represents the cluster of Houston Downtown retailers that offer consumer apparel, sundries, and home furnishings in the downtown area. While not solely devoted to this purpose it is the hope that many national retailers will seek to make the Shopping District the place to locate their retail establishments.

Of all the downtown districts the Houston Theater District is the most well known. Houston’s Downtown Theater District contains the Alley Theater, The Hobby Center Center for the Performing Arts, Jesse H. Jones Hall for the Performing Arts, Verizon Wireless Theater, and The Wortham Theater.

The Historic District contains most of Houston's Historic Architecture and buildings. The Market Square area sits in the middle of the Downtown Historic District and at one time served as an open air market. (And most recently has once again offered goods on the weekend) While there are other areas of the city that contain such things as sport stadiums, courts, and universities, these areas are still undergoing definition.

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