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Houston has a long and rich history as a major supporter of the arts. Live music of all genres has a wide audience here in Houston. From the Houston Symphony to Paul Van Dyke spinning the latest in trance, all tastes are satisfied here. Houston is also the launching point to well known artists in pop music, as well as well known conductors of classical music. (Christoph Eschenbach and Beyonce Knowles for starters) On a national level Houston's achievement to fine arts and music is often overlooked. Many outsiders are surprised to find the extensive offerings and well funded music programs that exist here. Part of the secret has been the tremendous generosity of benefactors in the energy industry. To the uninformed this may come as a shock as the stodgy perception of "Big Oil" joining with the arts seems like awfully strange bedfellows. The history of Oil's dedication to the arts begins with two brothers; from France. Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger's impact on Houston's oil business has been as profound as their impact on the Houston art scene. Conrad's daughter Dominique marriage to Frenchman, Jean de Menil would cement the Menil family to the Houston art scene regardless if her Schlumberger connection was long forgotten. This is but a small example of how we owe much of what we see, hear, and interact with to our boardroom benefactors.

Continental Club - 713-529-9666
3700 Main St

Dean's Credit Clothing - 713-227-3326
316 Main St

Engine Room - 713-654-7846
1515 Pease St

LA Carafe - 713-229-9399
813 Congress St

Lone Star Saloon - 713-757-1616
1900 Travis St

Mercury Room - 713-225-6372
1008 Prairie St

Red Cat Jazz Cafe - 713-226-7870
924 Congress St

Sambuca - 713 224-5299
909 Texas St Houston TX

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