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In Houston's Downtown district we have witnessed the rebirth of many comerica and historical buildings into residential lofts and apartments. In the Downtown Houston real estate market there are now no less than 10 loft projects that converted existing historical buildings. In addition to these conversions there are several luxury condominium and residential buildings. As many of the conversions once served as the foundation of Houston's Downtown business establishments, it should come as no surprise that the majority of loft conversions are located in the Historic District of Houston. Projects such as the Bayou Lofts, Franklin Lofts, Herman Lofts, Hogg Palace, and the Post Rice Lofts are all located within close proximity of the Houston Market Square area.

The second major cluster of Downtown Houston Lofts is bounded between Texas Avenue to the north and Polk street to the south. This area of Downtown Houston has been labeled as the Shopping District in reference to the traditional role Main Street plays in the heart of a city. This role continues in that many of Downtown's retail offerings are either a foot or rail stop away. The developments in this area consist of buildings such as the Capitol Lofts, Commerce Towers, Humble Tower Apartments, Keystone Lofts, The Kirby Building, and the St. Germain.

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In addition to the cluster of residential developments in downtown there are are several buildings that exist just outside Downtown Houston. The Camden City Centre project sits right outside of Downtown Houston, but within walking distance all downtown attractions. The Lofts at the Ballpark sit near Minute Maid and offer great views and close proximity to downtown's sporting and entertainment venues. For those seeking high rise living in Houston the Four Seasons Hotel is also home to many residents in downtown area.

The Four Seasons Lofts are located in the Houston Center complex. For those seeking Downtown Houston apartments and lofts, the Houston House Apartments is the largest residential high rise in Houston's downtown area. It features over 400 units and its location offers a nice view of Houston's downtown skyline. The Sabine Street Lofts are new-construction lofts located on Sabine street between Eleanor Tinsley Park, Tranquility Park, and the Hobby Center. Because of its location the Sabine Street Lofts offers an unmatched and extraordinary view of Houston's downtown skyline. Rounding out this section is a smaller building known as the Beaconsfield Condos. This building is one of the longtime residential establishments in downtown. Despite the various districts and locations in Downtown Houston, all of this buildings share a common benefit. With the exception of the Sabine Street Lofts all of these buildings are within 3 blocks of Houston's Main Street Rail.

Many may be wondering if we left out such loft buildings as Dakota Lofts, San Jacinto Lofts, and White Oak Lofts. Hardly. Before the loft conversion and building phase that hit most major cities there were true loft projects such as the Dakota Lofts. Now this is not in deference to the outstanding loft projects in Houston, but the Dakota Lofts are the original Artist-type lofts in Houston. The "Warehouse district" area of Downtown as it is sometimes referred to contains the Dakota Lofts, San Jacinto Lofts, and the White Oak Lofts. The early pioneers of Downtown Houston's urban renewal lived here first, and it shows. The area is very charming considering its lack of amenities.

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