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Living in Downtown Houston and the surrounding areas has benefits well beyond the close proximity to Houston's urban core. Houston like many large cities experienced a renaissance in it's urban core. The pent-up demand for in town living coupled with urban planning and organizational interests resulted in an inner city real estate boom that continues to expand. Early on the lofts and town homes in downtown and Midtown were typically occupied by new urban pioneers and the energy-biz work-o-holics. As amenities of daily life sprang up in the urban centers, the drive to "opt out" of ones commute became a enticing lure. What new residents of the inner city discovered was that despite the urban landscape they found themselves spending more time at parks than in the more "woodsy" areas they relocated from. My own reality was that when I added up the numbers my commute dropped from 10 hours a week to less than 2. The realization of taking back 8 hours of my personal time was the ultimate factor. Urban living in Houston is exciting for many reasons. For starters you are a part of defining the future of the area. Your participation in civic matters, discovery of new businesses, and investments in property insure our urban core maintains its momentum and diversity. While bemoaned by many, Houston's lack of zoning ordinances has resulted in the growth of mixed-use neighborhoods. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Downtown, Midtown, and Montrose areas. One does not have to look far at the amenities in Midtown, Montrose, and the Museum District to notice that new home owners in these areas of Houston are significant force for change in the Houston Real Estate market.

Many looking for Houston Inner-loop Real Estate have discovered that the neighborhood store does not require a 10 minute car trip. Furniture boutiques, day spa's, and art studios are some of the many amenities that reside in converted homes and serve their adjacent neighbors. Those who enjoy DIY projects will be happy to find that the result of development in the urban core is that many artisans and craftsmen are a stones throw away. I still enjoy patronizing a business who traditionally is setup to deal with industry types. The results goes beyond savings as you learn more about your neighborhood and its history by frequenting such a business. I have also experienced a level of service from these veteran businesses that was hard to come by in franchised suburbia. Regardless of your interests, Houston's urban areas offer amenities, convenience, and quality of life that is increasingly appealing.

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