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Houston Downtown Shopping: Storefronts and shopping malls.

Shopping in Houston offers excitement and rewards for those seeking the best in deals and goods. Most are familiar with the Houston Galleria shopping mall and complex. This center is home to luxury stores as well as being a major business district of Houston. With the revitalization of downtown, another not so well known mall is receiving the notice and attention that it deserves.

The Park Shops are a collection of stores that make up what is essentially the Houston Downtown "Mall". The Park Shops in the past have relied on the daily business crowd for the majority of their sales. With the addition of the Main Street Rail this section of downtown is starting to develop addition retail shops and fill in the areas bounded by Macy's Downtown and Houston Center.

Besides the downtown shopping opportunities many Houstonian's frequent such areas as the Highland Village, the Rice Village, Post Midtown Square, and the thousands of offerings available via online shopping. The Main Street corridor while resembling a major urban artery is still struggling to find it's mission. Many have pointed to Houston's lack of zoning as a major factor in the continued existence of many problem businesses. Main Street needs urban retailers not "Quicky Marts". City leaders must make efforts to make Main Street a part of the city that can be enjoyed by everyone.

With the announcements of a major residential & shopping complexs in the east end of Downtown, there is much to attract the critical mass of residents and retailers Houston Downtown area. We also hope that the acquisition of the May Company will bring fresh updates to Foley's as it changes to meet the growing consumer base in Downtown Houston. Furthermore with the Downtown Pavilion megaplex breaking ground the critical mass for downtown has reached its mile marker.

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